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Mark Reina, MFT

Mark Reina, MFT ® 6310 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 425, Los Angeles, CA  90048

CA Lic. MFC45475

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist 

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                 If you are struggling with painful feelings of depression or anxiety; if you are feeling 
                 stuck, empty and hopeless; if drinking, getting high or hooking up is becoming a 
                 problem  --  psychotherapy can help you.

                 You can heal from grief, childhood traumas, addictions and other difficult challenges. 
                 Psychotherapy can help you to grow, change and achieve your goals. You can feel better 
                 about yourself, build more fulfilling relationships, gain a greater ability to be intimate, 
                 find contentment and become the person you want to be.

                 Through my own personal experience and in my work with others I have come to 
                 firmly believe that change is possible through psychotherapy.

                     * You can feel better about yourself 

                     * Make changes in your life

                     * Find relief from depression and anxiety 

                     * Have more fulfilling relationships 

                     * Stop abusing drugs and alcohol 

                     * Reach your potential and find your true self