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Mark Reina, MFT
About Mark Reina, MFT

M.A. in Clinical Psychology 
from Antioch University

Certified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
by the Los Angeles Institute and Society of Psychoanalytic Studies

Certified Group Psychotherapist 
by the American Group Psychotherapy Association

Organizational Memberships
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Los Angeles Gay Psychotherapist Association

"I believe in our capacity to make fundamental 
changes within ourselves and in our lives."

             Elements of Integrative Therapy


             This approach helps to bring the unconscious into conscious awareness which promotes insight 
             and resolves conflict. It is based on the belief that true change and growth comes from an individual 
             gaining more self-awareness. 


            This method emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual. Establishing a non-judgmental, safe         
            and empathetic relationship in the therapy helps to bring out hidden potentials. This therapy is client-
            centered and the therapist will usually not give advice but works with the individual to find their own        
            answers through self-awareness.


            Self-psychology is a mode of treatment that believes a person's self-esteem and vitality derive from and are
            maintained by the empathic responsiveness of others to his or her needs.

Erickson, G., Gifford, J. & Spane, C. (2005). Explanations of Therapy Styles and Theoretical Orientations.  Finding Stone Counseling Center, Arizona